THE CAMINO - Medical kit and toiletries

Medical kit and toiletries

This is all personal but this is what I took.

  • toothbrush and small toothpaste
  • moisturizer
  • cleanser
  • foot massage cream - Vicks Vapour Rub for feet at end of day or some other sort of foot rub. Your feet really do need to be looked after and a massage at the end of the day is brilliant.
  • shampoo (use to wash body, clothes and hair). Didn’t take conditioner or comb. Just ran my fingers through my hair and pulled it up on top of my head.
  • deodorant
  • sun cream
  • pain killers – I carried them with me and never thought to use them even when my toes was a throbbing red blister causing excruciating pain
  • anti histamines
  • antibiotics (if you have them, otherwise don't worry there are doctors and pharmacies everywhere)
  • small nail scissors • tweezers (for all sorts of reasons)
  • toilet paper. You can always get more from the refuges.

What I didn’t take – no make up, mirror, perfume, jewellery….I tried not to look in the mirrors in the refugios in case I frightened myself. I did take a watch but lost it (see my Camino story). I have never worn a watch since the Camino.

So Buen Camino. Feel free to contact me if you need clarity on anything.

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